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px; padding-left: 5px !important;">GuangzhouHeight/eight:170 cm 70 kgarital Status:SingleAge:27 years
areer bjective
Application type:Jobseeker
Preferred job title:echanical engineer: echanical engineering 、 Project manager/administrator: echanical engineering 、 uality management/test manager(A/ anager: echanical engineering
orking life:5Title:iddle title
Job type:ull timeExpected Start date:In two weeks
Expected salary:¥5,000--¥8,000Preferred working place:Guangdong province Guangdong province Guangdong province
ork experience
ompany\s name:oleman Guangzhou **** ompany Ltd.Begin and end date: 2012-12-
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: omprehensive business
Job Title:A esigner 
Job description:◆ According to I requirment from foreign colleague,perform structure design or design improvement for burning appliance(Gas stove). 
◆ According to shipping requirement for accessories of burning appliance,design the blister package. 
◆ Prototype making at the initial stage of project development,provide the B and drawings to sourcing for quotation. 
◆ ooperate with project engineer for the product manufacturing and improvement, cooperate with VE for product cost down design. 
Reasons for leaving: 
ompany\s name:ITA International(Shune) orp.Begin and end date: 2006-10-2012-09
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: omputer industry
Job Title:echanical Engineer 
Job description:◆ As a echanical Engineer,in charge of technical job of ,E, server/computer project of customers: ell, Huawei,Intel,otHill,Blueoat,etc. 
◆ Approve all mechanical parts of product and do test. 
1,To tooling part(plastic ejector and metal stamping):inspect and approve their cosmetic(burr,shrink/deform,flow trace/burn, silkscreen/painting,plated,etc) and dimensions(AI,PK,TA,PPAP)and modify drawing. 
2,To purchased parts,issue drawing to suppliers to ask sample,inspect the dimension of sample and their related reports(AI,RoHS ,SGS). 
3,ake sure best stability to product,do some mechanical tests(shock and rotational vibration,Sag&Bow,etc) and analyze the result.
◆ ake sure project can run smoothly,cooperate with other departments for incoming material controling and trouble(design and assembly issues) shooting for product line , find solution and discuss with customer. 
◆Provide design improvement and look for local source materials for customer to cost down. 
Reasons for leaving: 
ompany\s name:GuangZhou GuangRi Elevator Industry .,LTBegin and end date: 2005-06-2006-09
Enterprise nature:State-owned enterprisesIndustry: achine building & equipment
Job Title:achine esign and anufacture Engineer 
Job description:Have been engaged in mechanical design and steel construction design of parking equipments for one year, which is main responsible for product design and diagram paper conversion. At the same time ,I often participate the design and install leading of engineering item.or example, The first tower type parking equipments item of our company :The intellective parking tower of Guangzhou industry and business bureau。Because my good performance in that time,I was turned to development department by headmaster, where can contact all style of tower type parking equipments : ET-, E-,E-. In this process, I put forward a lot of project of declining the cost and made some not standard design. 
Reasons for leaving: 
Educational Background
Name of School:ZHANJIANG cean University
Highest egree:Bachelorate of Graduation:2005-06-01
Name of ajor 1:echanical engineeringName of ajor 2: 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationajorsertificateertificate No
2001-092005-06ZHANJIANG cean Universityechanical engineeringBachelor egree





  有的人求职是遍地撒网的形式,尤其是到后期总是找不到工作,心理着急就 是想只要是工作就可以了。其实这样并没有好出,简历如何写,是有针对性的写,那么在写之前就要先了解行情。一来知道其中的竞争有的多,二来也能了解 到以怎样的方式写简历胜算更,对以后的面试效果也很有帮助。